Overview of Certification and Re-certification program for 2017

To: all RMGA members

From: Mary Bendelow, Chairperson, Certification Committee

Re: Certification and recertification program in 2017

Hello all -

Certification program. RMGA will be conducting its certification program during 2017. A study group will be created from those interested, and will meet likely 6 times +/- in early 2017, before tour season takes off again. Some folks find it beneficial to divide up the task among the participants, and appreciate the connection to others. The study group will have a facilitator to confirm or correct information so the completed materials are accurate. Participation in a study group is not required but is recommended.

Certification test. The certification test is planned for March or April, depending on the term of the study group. To be eligible to take the test in the spring, you must have been a member of RMGA for a year, dated from the day the Board accepts your application. If you are uncertain as to that date for you, contact Larry Foos in Membership. Members who pass the test will receive a new name badge with their certified status included, and will have “Certified” added to their profile on the website.

Study materials. Study materials are available  to all members of RMGA at a cost of $10 or $14, whether you are taking the test or not.  If you plan to take the test, if you want to participate in a study group, if you want to purchase study materials, contact me before December 31, so I can assist you and we the committee can know how many and who are/is involved. The names I have so far are: Madu Ramesh, Mike Pearl, and Eileen Pearl.

Recertification program. RMGA certified members must submit a completed log of pertinent professional activities to keep their certified status. Those members who are recertifying have until January 31 to submit their activity record to me: you can also submit it with your registration form and check which you will send/give to Larry Foos. There is no additional cost associated with recertifying. Those members not recertifying, for the first or second time, have a time-limited opportunity to recertify. After that, members must retake the test to remain certified. Decertified members will have their certified status deleted from their on-line profile, and are to discontinue wearing their RMGA Certified name tag. . 

Attached to this email are documents that provide information about certification and the nature of the test; information on re-certification, and the form for recording professional activity.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.