January 9 
    Topic:  National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, 
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     Speaker:  Daren Williams

February 13 
    Topic:  Colorado Scenic and Historic Byways, 
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    Speaker:  Lenore Bates

March 12 
    Topic:  Titanic, 
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    Speaker:  Janet Kalstrom / Mary Thompson

April 9
    Topic:  Cherry Creek Shopping Center, 
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    Speakers:  Pat Lee - Marketing Director

May 14  
    Topic:  Denver's Public Art - Civic Center Park, 
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    Speaker:  Leon Krier - RMGA Member

June 11    
    Topic:  Dinosaur Ridge and picnic, 
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    Location:  Dinosaur Ridge, 16831 West Alameda Pkwy, Morrison, CO 80129

July 9
    Topic:  Cussler Museum, 
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    Speaker:  Amie Knutson and Clive Cussler

October 8 
    Topic:  Cableland (official home of the Mayor of Denver), 
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    Speaker:  Daniel Beck

November 12

    Topic:  Clyfford Still Museum, click here
    Speaker:  Dean Sobel, Museum Director 

 December 10   
    Topic:  Holiday Event - Buckhorn Exchange, 
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    Speaker:  William Dutton 

The reviews were written by RMGA members and were published in the monthly RMGA Guide Lines.

2012 RMGA Program Reviews