WHAT:  RMGA FAM – Gaylord Rockies

WHERE:  Gaylord Sales Office

WHEN:  March 14, 2018

ORGANIZER:  Mike Dulude, Education Chair 

SEMINAR LEADER:  Michelle and Laura

FAM – Gaylord Rockies --  March 14, 2018

This tour was organized by Mike Dulude, Education Chair, for the Board and Program Chair for RMGA.  We met for lunch across the street from the Rockies Gaylord sales office at 68th and Tower Road in Aurora.  Michelle met us at the sales office and gave us an overview of the site based on a scale model of the facility. 

The resort and office has 125 acres in Aurora and a 90 year land lease for this property which is billed as “everything in one place”.  The facility will have 8 restaurants, 1,501 hotel rooms and 485,000 square feet of meeting space.  It will have a 17 room treatment spa, mini-golf, pickleball, and swimming pools.  The convention center will accommodate 4,000 attendees.  There will be five outdoor function spaces. 

It will be the largest hotel in Colorado and will have accommodations for large groups.  There are not enough hotel rooms for a 4,000 member convention so Gaylord has made deals with the Westin at DIA to handle overflow customers. 

There will be an “A” line stop close to 61st and Pena that will connect with the Gaylord. 

Almost all the rooms will have a view – some of the rooms will have an interior facing view.  The lobby bar ceiling will be 9 stories high and will have year-around water features.   There will be cascade falls.  The designers are the same that designed the Harry Potter series at Universal Studios. 

There are two ballrooms at 85,000 sq. feet of space each and a Grand Aurora Ballroom with 50,000 sq. ft. of space and a 10,000 sq. ft. corridor that can be utilized for additional space.  The entire facility will be decorated in “Colorado Style” – the way nature sees it.  There are also 20 breakout rooms.

The 8 restaurants will each have a kitchen – all the restaurants are owned by Marriott International.  Gaylord is one of 30 brands in the Marriott stable.  One of the restaurants will have digital artwork – daytime artwork different than the evening artwork when this restaurant splits into two restaurants: one Asian and one Italian. 

Laura – walked us through the entire hotel – spa, sports bar, and convention center.  After our tour of the under construction facility, we returned to the sales office and visited a mock-up of a standard king-size room. 

RMGA expects to be able to do a complete membership tour either in the late fall of 2018 or early in 2019.  

Written by Mike Dulude

Gaylord Rockies