With over twenty years of experience at the Molly Brown House Museum -- home of Titanic Survivor, the Unsinkable Molly Brown -- I have developed my expertise on the Victorian/Edwardian Era through my contributions as a seasoned docent and committee volunteer.  Through extensive and comprehensive research, I developed my own themed tour, which offers me a venue to discuss the Progressive Era, including the Woman's Suffrage movement.  In addition, I have developed a presentation on the changing women's roles and its effect on woman's costumes during the Victorian/Edwardian Era.  My expertise is futher complimented through in-depth research utilized in the design and sewing of my own period costumes.  This knowledge also includes the design of era specific hats and accessories.  As a result of my in-depth knowledge and educational insight of period costumes, I also assist at the Molly Brown House Museum with hands-on costume and hat workshops.


Availability:  Call for availability

Denver Metro/Front Range:  Denver

Special Sites:  Molly Brown House Museum

Tour and Travel Services:  Meet and Greet at hotels or the convention center wearing Victorian/Edwardian costume.  I would be welcoming your guests during registration, luncheon or dinner.

 Primary Phone:  303-979-7594                  

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 Years Experience:  26