Re-Certification Process

Beginning the year after RMGA certification, each member wanting to remain certified will be required to fill out a form annually listing professional development activities for that year, with points awarded for each activity. There are four categories of possible points – RMGA meetings, RMGA Familiarization trips, non-RMGA activities, and conducting tours. Members must acquire points in two or more categories, and must finish the year with at least 15 appropriate and acceptable points. Decisions about whether or not a proposed point is appropriate and/or acceptable will be made by the Certification Committee, with an appeal of that decision available with the Board, whose decision is final. 

The form for RMGA Re-certification is available in the Members Only section of the RMGA website. Members seeking RMGA Re-certification must include the completed Re-certification Form with their Renewing Membership Application paperwork. Failure to submit the form, or failure to acquire at least 15 appropriate points, will result in the removal of the “Certified” marker on the individual’s internet profile on the RMGA website for the following year. Members may re-apply for re-certification the following year. If successful, the “certified” marker will again appear with that person’s profile on the RMGA website. The profile itself will remain on the website as long as the member is in good standing with the Association, independent of re-certification status. After three consecutive years of failure to meet the re-certification criteria, the member must successfully re-take the test to maintain status as certified.

For further information, contact Certification Committee Chairperson Mary Bendelow at, or 303.838.2089. If you want a CD or booklet to be mailed to you, send your order with a check made payable to RMGA in the amount of $14 (to include protective covering and postage) to: Mary Bendelow, Post Office Box 130, Conifer, CO 80433.