RMGA offers its members a certification program which leads to a credential which tour operators can use to identify tour guides demonstrably proficient in information about Colorado and particularly the Denver and Front Range areas. RMGA’s Certification program is based on general knowledge of Colorado, including history, geography, demographics, economics, and places of interest throughout the state. The Certification test uses the study guide as the source of information.

The focus of certification is on mastery of pertinent content material; the mastery of skills in leading a tour is left to other resources.

Guidelines for certification are these: 

  • the study guide materials are available to all RMGA members, whether interested in taking the Certification Test or not, as a benefit of membership in RMGA;;
  • the materials are copyrighted to RMGA, and downloading materials to equipment other than the purchaser’s is forbidden. 
  • anyone taking the certification test will have to have purchased the study materials, or will need to pay a fee of the same amount, in addition to the cost of the test;
  • the test will include visual identification as well as information recall; questions may be in a variety of formats: multiple choice, fill in blanks, matching;
  • the materials are available on a CD in multiple formats, and also in paper form
  • in order to take the certification test, membership in RMGA is required for one year before the test date, dating from acceptance by the Board as a member;
  • prospective test-takers may obtain the names of other RMGA members seeking certification, and may study in self-created and self-managed groups;
  • the test will be offered once a year in April, and possibly in winter, as needed;
  • prospective test-takers living too far away to commute to take the test may make arrangements for a local proctor, at their own expense, and subject to approval by the Board;
  • materials cost $10; test registration costs $40, and includes the cost of the Certified Member name badge when successful
  • a passing score on the test is 80%, with 1 retake for free, $40 for up to two further attempts; there is no limit on number of re-takes;
  • feedback will be provided to test-takers; however, the physical test itself is the property of RMGA
  • written feedback will be requested from test-takers, in order to improve the program

Certification must be renewed every three years by submitting continuing education units or by taking the current test. The Certification Committee currently is working on the requirements for Re-Certification.

For futher information, contact Certification Committee in care of rmgapresident@rockymountainguideassociation.com